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8 June 2022

Asset Management and Capital Budgeting

8 Jun 2022

Asset Management is defined by the Association of Asset Managers as the management of (primarily) physical assets (their selection, maintenance, inspection and renewal) and plays a key role in determining the operational performance and profitability of industries that operate assets as part of their core business.

This highly interactive online course has been devised to provide the delegates with an opportunity to develop their understanding of asset management techniques such as capital investment appraisal, business valuation and revenue management in the hospitality industry using a case study based on a hotel development.

This course is delivered by Debra Adams, author of the highly acclaimed textbook Strategic Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry.

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Key Dates

This online course is to be held on 08/06/2022 from 9.00am BST.

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Entry Requirements

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for newly appointed asset managers and for senior managers working in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors.

Organisations Involved

This course is delivered online. Activities will include content, quizzes, webinars and discussions.

Your Tutor is Debra Adams, ACMA.

Debra has been involved with the hospitality industry for almost 30 years and has delivered courses and training to numerous organisations in the hotel and restaurant sector including leading hotel schools such as Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne and Glion Institute in the UK and Switzerland. She is the author of the highly acclaimed textbook 'Strategic Management Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries' now available here in 2nd edition. The third edition is to be published by Goodfellow Publishing in 2022.

She is a Trustee and Member of the Supervisory Board at the Institute of Hospitality.

What our clients say:

Debra Adams is simply amazing at helping non-financial managers to not only understand, but actively engage with, the commercial and financial aspects of their operation. She has a wealth of in-depth knowledge of both operational and strategic finance, specifically in the hospitality industry where margins are tight and cash flow imperative. Knowing the content is one thing, but knowing how to teach others is what Debra excels at, with her years of experiences as a professional lecturer, trainer, coach and teacher.

For over 10 years, she has been my go-to person for training any group of managers at all levels to explore and understand the financial story of their business. She is an invaluable member of our delivery team for the Award-winning Master Innholders Aspiring Leaders Diploma and the MIDAS series.

Dr Hilary Cooke, Founder at Merlin Business Consultancy Ltd

Session Details

Course Contents :

  • -Hotel Asset Management strategies
  • -Project evaluation techniques
  • -Business Valuations
  • *Revenue Management

How Will You Benefit?:

This programme enables the participant to:

  • - Monitor and measure effective asset management strategies
  • - Understand the changing nature of asset ownership
  • - Use Investment appraisal analysis
  • - Understand the meaning cost of capital
  • - Apply Business Planning techniques
  • - Review of strategic trends in the hospitality industry
  • - Benchmark performance using the latest edition of the USALI
  • - Apply Revenue Management techniques

Delivery Mode:

Webinars, Breakout rooms, Scenarios and Quizzes plus access to online resources

Course Timings:

The course runs from 09:00 to 16:00 online.

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