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arena4finance offers online training, coaching and mentoring to help business managers in the service sector understand and interpret financial information.

Debra Adams

Debra Adams is the founder of the business, a leading practitioner in developing courses for improving financial know how and commercial acumen in the service sectors. She is the author of the highly acclaimed textbook 'Strategic Management Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries' now available here in 2nd edition. The third edition is to be published by Goodfellow Publishing in 2020.

Debra leads a team of experts who can design and deliver courses and training to meet a range of professional development needs.

Through our online courses, webinars and seminars, we help our learners to gain an improved insight into:

* understanding basic accounting principles
* how to interpret and use financial information to improve profitability
* planning and forecasting
* improving costing and pricing
* revenue management and data analysis
* asset management and investment strategies

We aim to equip our learners so they are able to make better business decisions, have the ability to interpret information and above all, to develop more profitable and efficient businesses.

We do all of this by offering a range of open and bespoke training courses for businesses in the service sector. To support our learners we also offer support after training by providing access to a variety of resources online via our Learning Management System with online tutor support, bite sized learning content, links to external resources and more.

Courses can be delivered online or onsite or at a location to suit your business. We can also assist with accreditation, programme development and hosting online content using our secure learning management systems.

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