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27 September 2021

Powering up the learning experience!

We are excited to announce we are updating the online experience for all our learners with expert input from our new Moodle hosting partners – E-Learn Design Ltd!

Based in Glasgow, the team at E-Learn Design Ltd specialise in providing Moodle hosting, training, support and consulting. With a wealth of experience designing interactive and ambitious learning programmes, and as Moodle partners and a Certified Moodle Services Provider, E-Learn Design have chosen to represent the trademark of Moodle. We are really pleased to have their input and technical expertise going forward and are looking forward to working with the team to find creative ways to continually improve the learner experience.

This is great news for arena4finance learners who will benefit from increased opportunities for interactivity, meaningful engagement and an enhanced experience whilst participating on our courses!

Moodle is our chosen virtual learning platform where learners can engage with course content, and participate in wide range of activities, all from their own space in their own time. The activities, which include quizzes and discussion forums, encourage collaboration and interactivity between learners and also help learners to engage with the course content. Expert tutors provide facilitation in the form of emoderation and help participants to navigate their learning.

Debra Adams, founder at arena4finance, experts in hospitality finance, comments ‘We are really looking forward to powering up our current courses in finance and accounting with the support of the expert team at E-Learn Design enabling us to offer increased functionality and interactivity which will create the opportunity for our learners to maximise their learning from our courses. The timing is perfect to coincide with the launch of our new courses for the hospitality industry for Autumn 2021’

About arena4finance:

arena4finance regularly provide training support for recognised industry bodies including the Institute of Hospitality, the MasterInnholders, TUCO and the European Clubs Association. Debra Adams, founder of arena4finance and a qualified accountant, has been involved with the hospitality industry for almost 30 years and has delivered courses and training to numerous organisations in the hotel and restaurant sector including world renowned hotel schools such as Ecole Hotelier Lausanne and Glion Institute in Switzerland. She is the author of the highly acclaimed text book 'Strategic Management Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries'. She is also a regular speaker at hotel conferences and business seminars. Debra leads the team at arena4finance, who have had many years of experience developing and delivering one day, online and more extensive courses in hospitality finance for both finance professionals and operational heads of department in hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities. Our courses are powered by our online learning community resources at For more information about arena4finance, email [email protected] or visit our website