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19 July 2016

Newly revised revenue management course for HOSPA

Earlier this year, our client HOSPA successfully applied for funding from the Savoy Educational Trust to invest in the development of the Association's courses in Revenue Management. With Project Management from arena4finance, the Revenue Management modules on Level 1 and, with effect from September, Level 2 have now been revised in collaboration with industry experts. arena4finance manages the courses for HOSPA - here are some of the activities learners will be expected to complete having studied the revised course materials at Level 1: Introduction to Revenue Management

Prepare a detailed demand calendar for your business showing seasonal and daily patterns

Develop a value matrix to illustrate the relationship between price and quality for your business in relation to the competition

Analyse the transactional costs for each of your market segments

The newly revised levels of the course will provide participants with the opportunity to develop revenue management strategies for their own business using the theories supported by spreadsheet models and other tools to apply their learning. All learners enrolling on the HOSPA courses receive study packs, up-to-date textbooks, access to the HOSPA online classroom with support from subject matter experts, plus additional resources from the EBSCO online library of academic and business journals including the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management. Individual modules from each level of the RM course will be available for bite-sized learning from January 2017. For more information visit: