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2 February 2021

New free webinar series for 2021

We are delighted to expand our Hospitality Finance Explained webinar series with Debra Adams. Over the coming weeks we will be discussing a range of finance related topics to help all those planning the reopening of their hospitality businesses whilst keeping a watchful eye on the numbers.

This series is aimed at all those seeking to learn more about hospitality finance to build blocks of profitable revenue on the journey back to business viability. Each session commences at 14.00hrs BST and last for 90 minutes which includes time for questions and a quick quiz to complete the session. In this session we will explore how to set your prices for your hospitality business to ensure that you make the contribution to fixed costs you need but also to ensure that the price / value proposition works for you and your customers. Our next free webinar is on Thursday 4th February from 2.00pm - How do I know if I have got my pricing right for my restaurant business? To book visit