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8 May 2021

Hospitality Finance Explained

There has never been a more significant time to keep learning as we power our way back to business profitability. arena4finance is determined to support the hospitality industry with bite sized learning to help businesses to manage their finances to survive and thrive. This series of webinars is aimed at all those seeking to learn more about hospitality finance to build blocks of profitable revenue on the journey back to profitability. Each session commences at 2.00pm and last for 90 minutes which includes time for questions and a quick quiz to complete the session.

The webinars are delivered by arena4finance founder, Debra Adams ACMA, who is a well known figure in the world of hospitality finance training and has many years of experience delivering finance training and specialises in online delivery.

Forthcoming topics include:

* Breakeven analysis

* Zero Based budgeting

* Capital investment appraisal

Why not drop in to a forthcoming session - we would love to see you!

All details are listed here.

Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash