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14 January 2014

Bournemouth-based National Coastal Tourism Academy wins prestigious prize

The National Coastal Tourism Academy (NCTA) has been honoured with the Association for Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE) award for Building Leadership and Management Capacity in the Visitor Economy. The prestigious national award was presented to the Academy Director of the NCTA, Samantha Richardson, at the ATHE’s annual conference that was held in Canterbury last month.

Representing the study of tourism in higher education institutes throughout the UK, the ATHE promotes and develops tourism as a degree discipline. As well as encouraging high quality teaching and research in this area, the ATHE communicates the importance of the tourism industry on both a national and international scale.

Being established for just a few months before winning the award, the NCTA’s commitment to the development and growth of Bournemouth’s tourism sector is highly recognised. Working closely with Bournemouth University, the NCTA is forming relationships between students and industry to bridge the gap and share knowledge to establish Bournemouth as a centre of excellence for hospitality and tourism.

Commenting on the work of the NCTA, Samantha Richardson told the Bournemouth Echo that “We’re partly funded by Bournemouth University and have been working with students on a range of topics to help tourism in the town. Dissertation students have been paired with local tourism businesses; undergraduate students are creating a framework for customer care that can be rolled out across Bournemouth; PhD students are researching health and well-being tourism – all of these projects will have practical results we can share with town’s tourism industry.”

Alongside their work with Bournemouth University, other initiatives of the NCTA include the provision of subsidised training programmes, research into the tourist economy, and the recruitment of Customer Care Champions and Scouts who recognise and reward outstanding customer service. Providing training in the key areas of customer service, management skills and marketing, courses are accessible to all local tourist businesses to develop industry skills and assist businesses achieve their full potential.

arena4finance is proud to be working in collaboration with the NCTA to deliver a course entitled Cost Control for F&B Operations. With the cost of food rising by over 30% since 2007, and being predicted to increase by as much as 6% during 2014, food inflation is having a significant impact on food and beverage establishments and is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Covering topics including purchasing, costing and gross profit management, this one day course assists businesses with the management of food costs as they continue to rise and, ultimately, with the control of gross profit.

For further information on the National Coastal Tourism Academy and its excellent initiatives, please visit their website