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23 May 2014

11th Edition of the Uniform System of Accounts available now!

The First Edition of the USALI, which sets out recommended formats, account headings, and classifications for the preparation and presentation of financial statements for hotels, was published in 1926 by the Hotel Association of New York (HANYC).

Since then, the USALI has been revised numerous times to bring us to the most recently released 11th Edition. However, the principal purpose of the USALI remains unchanged; to establish a uniform responsibility accounting system for the lodging industry which enables internal and external users to compare the performance of, for example, a particular hotel or rented apartment to other businesses within the sector. The high volume of revisions is a reflection of the need to update due to changes in industry practice and legislation and to address issues that have arisen since the previous edition.

The 11th Edition of the USALI, published by the Hotel Association of New York and the Financial Management Committee of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA;) with funding from Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP), has various material changes from the 10th Revised Edition, including changes on the following topics:

  • Summary Operating Statement
  • Operating Schedules
  • Food and Beverage Department
  • Non-Operating Income and Expenses
  • Financial Ratios and Operating Metrics
  • Financial Statements
  • Revenue and Expense Guide

Another large change to the USALI, reflecting the changes in technology since the 10th Edition, is that the 11th Edition is now available in digital format as well as its usual hardback print format (which is due to be available in June 2014). For more than a 30% discount, the digital version is available for online viewing only, but in due course, users will be able to download it to a tablet device for offline reading.

A further change, responding to industry demand, is that both the print and digital versions of the USALI 11th Edition will come with a passcode that enables readers to register and receive access to downloadable Excel templates of all financial statements and supporting schedules, as well as a searchable ‘Revenue and Expense Guide’.

arena4finance will soon be running informative and interactive training sessions to update delegates on the revisions contained within the 11th Edition of the USALI. Please keep an eye out for the announcement of these training sessions or to register your interest, please email Wayne Gosden.