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10 June 2021

Free webinar: Zero based budgeting techniques

10 Jun 2021

As hospitality business move to reopen we know that past budgets and last years data will hold less value in the past. Our budgeting needs to take account of changing market demand and a review of both variable and fixed csots. This step by step approach is called Zero Based Budgeting and requires us to consider every line in the P & L to justify the values and ensure every cost earns its place.


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Key Dates

10th June 14.00 - 15.30pm

Entry Requirements

This session is ideal for all those seeking to learn more about preparing a detailed zero based budget for their hospitality business. Revenue managers, general managers and asset managers will all benefit from this event.

Organisations Involved

The webinar will be hosted by Debra Adams, owner at arena4finance.

Debra Adams is the founder of the business, a leading practitioner in developing courses for improving financial know how and commercial acumen in the service sectors. She is the author of the highly acclaimed textbook 'Strategic Management Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries' now available here in 2nd edition. The third edition is to be published by Goodfellow Publishing in 2021.

Session Details

In this 90 minute webinar delegates will learn more about:

Fixed budgets and zero based budgets

How to prepare a zero based budget

Building revenue and costs for the P & L

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