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7 July 2020

Webinar - Pricing, People and Profit

7 Jul 2020

Dynamic pricing for accommodation and restaurant businesses is common practice with operators offering products and services at varying prices to suit the demand, market and channel. But how do we ensure that overall profitability is maintained in this ever-increasing complex environment? Are we getting the commercial guidance we need?

This webinar provides an opportunity for all those in operational roles responsible for revenue growth AND profitability to learn more about pricing and most importantly the cost structure of their business.

This is a chance to not only learn about working with your finance colleagues to develop a commercial partnership to maximise profit, but to also join the debate and discuss best practice with the other webinar participants.

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7th July 2020 at 3pm

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Organisations Involved

The webinar is offered by the Institute of Hospitality and will be delivered by Debra Adams MIH. Debra has a background in the service sector and is a qualified accountant. She has been delivering courses in accounting, revenue management and related topics for over 25 years.

Debra formed her own company arena4finance in 2004 specialising in financial and commercial skills professional development for the hotel and restaurant sector.

Debra has been Head of Professional Development for the Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA) for the past 15 years developing courses in accounting topics and revenue management.

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