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7 September 2020

HOSPA Asset Management Course

7 Sep 2020

The aim of this course is to provide the underpinning for learners to develop a range of competences and knowledge about asset management leading to careers in asset management in the hospitality industry.

Participants are likely to be working for an Operator, a Brand, an Asset Management company or a consultancy. Having trained in a specific area, learners might see this course as an opportunity to extend their knowledge, understand the approach of investors or get a better understanding of the whole industry. There are three levels of study and successful completion of all three levels leads to Certified Associate Membership of HOSPA enabling members to use AHOSPA Cert (AM) in their business correspondence.

The three levels are:

  • Level 1: Introduction to Asset Management
  • Level 2: Operational Asset Management
  • Level 3: Strategic Asset Management

The costs are £820 (plus VAT) per Level plus postal costs*; this includes everything you will need for your studies including all study materials, tutor support, revision papers, examinations and membership with HOSPA for the duration of your study.

*Postage costs:

UK - included

Europe - £35 GBP

Rest of World - £45 GBP

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Key Dates

This online course commences September 2020 with examinations in January 2021 for Level 1 only. HOSPA membership commences with enrolment.

Entry Requirements

Learners will be expected to be able to work with financial models and understand common terminology. For those wishing to acquire or improve these skills.

Organisations Involved

HOSPA are currently enrolling for the next intake. All study is hosted on our secure learning platform - - meaning you can study wherever you are located.

For further information on this course email or

Session Details

The Asset Management course is studied in 3 Levels, each taking 5 months to complete. Each Level consists of 4 modules and an examination for Level 1 only.

Level 1 Introduction to Asset Management

  • Introduction to Asset Management
  • Hospitality Investment Practices
  • Financial Performance Reporting
  • Developing Forecasts and Revenue Management in Hospitality

Level 2 Operational Asset Management

  • Financial analysis of hotel operations
  • Revenue Management strategies for optimising business performance
  • Understanding operating and franchise agreements
  • The Acquisition Process

Level 3 Strategic Asset Management

  • Acquisition strategy and process
  • Sources of funds - Developing the Capital Stack
  • Evaluating long term investments
  • Business evaluations

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