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7 July 2022

Festival4Finance: Preparing a demand forecast for your hotel business in a post pandemic world

7 Jul 2022

In this webinar session we will focus on the top line and consider the role of past, present and future data for preparing revenue forecasts in an ever-changing market environment.

Our speakers will share their experience and provide you with tips for preparing your next revenue forecast.

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Key Dates

Thursday 7th July 2022

The webinar commences at 2.00pm and last for 60 minutes.

Entry Requirements

Ideal for all those working in hospitality with responsibility for preparing updated revenue forecasts.

Organisations Involved

This event is a joint collaboration between arena4finance, Merlin Consulting and the Master Innholders and is open to all those wanting to learn more about hospitality finance.

The speakers taking part in this webinar are:

Debra Adams, CEO and Founder of arena4finance

Hilary Cooke, CEO and Founder, Merlin Business Consultancy

Michael Heyward, CEO & Founder, Heyward Group and Head of Professional Development at HOSPA

Adrienne Hanna, CEO & Founder, Right Revenue


Debra Adams, CEO and Founder, arena4finance

A Chartered Management Accountant and a leading practitioner in developing courses for improving financial know how and commercial acumen in the service sectors. She is the author of the highly acclaimed textbook 'Strategic Management Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industries' now available here in 2nd edition. The third edition is to be published by Goodfellow Publishing in 2022.

Debra is a well-known personality in the hospitality sector having worked with numerous companies across the sector.

She holds a number of senior roles including Trustee and Member of the Supervisory Board for the Institute of Hospitality. She was formerly Head of Professional Development at HOSPA for a number of years and previously a Council member of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants.

Debra leads a team of experts who can design and deliver courses and training to meet a range of professional development needs for all those seeking to learn more about hotel accounting practice.

Hilary Cooke, CEO and Founder, Merlin Business Consultancy

Hilary is an experienced developer of people and organisations. Using a highly effective combination of psychology and behavioural science with pragmatic business strategy and creative design for people solutions that really work, add value, and have sustainable impact.

Your business success depends on getting things right for your customers. That generally relies on engaging the right people in the right job, doing the right things, at the right time and in the right way.

Great professional and personal results are achieved by people who do more than just show up for work. They are engaged, committed and act as ambassadors for your brand.
Sometimes you need an expert to help create the right recipe or mix of relationships, people processes and full engagement. Sometimes you need a boost to inspire leaders and their teams to actively thrive, more than just passively survive.
We relish the opportunity to work with leaders, managers and entrepreneurs for whom their business is their passion - because know exactly how that feels!

Michael Heyward, CEO & Founder, Heyward Group and Head of Professional Development at HOSPA

Michael Heyward is the Founder of “Heyward Group”, with offices in London, Paris and Melbourne, focusing on developing people and business performance. World class tools are used with individuals and teams, from behaviour profiling for career development, digitising business processes for improved productivity and Radical Collaboration workshops to transform the way teams work together.

Working at all levels: from Executives and General Managers, to coaching and mentoring with global corporations and entrepreneurs. A visiting Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education since 2015, working with Graduate and Post Graduate students. Design and delivery of professional development, leadership and graduate programs for regional and international organisations.

Michael has over 25 years of experience in Hotel Operations, Revenue Management and education, across Europe, Middle East, India, Asia and the Pacific. With a proven record of delivering market out performance and developing teams of highly skilled, diverse, competitive people, working in complex environments.

Adrienne Hanna, CEO & Founder, Right Revenue

Adrienne is the Founder & CEO of Right Revenue and an all-round revenue nerd! With a lifetime career in travel and hospitality, Adrienne has spent the last 20+ years in the amazing world of revenue management.

With a background in Revenue Management consultancy, Adrienne saw a problem in an industry she was passionate about and wanted to fix it, hence Right Revenue was born. Designing and developing a revenue software solution that takes the myth out of Revenue Management, Adrienne’s goal is to partner with independent hotels providing a software solution that gives great rate recommendations, accurate forecasting and bespoke reporting.

A regular speaker at industry conferences and international events, Adrienne is passionate about not only the hospitality industry but also the world of tech start-up; supporting female business leaders and generally encouraging as many young people as possible to get excited about the next huge opportunity!

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