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16 April 2019
Jurys Inn Manchester

Food and Beverage Cost Control (IOH)

16 Apr 2019

With increasing pressure on the catering sector as increasing operating costs drive down margins, improving the control of key costs such as materials and payroll has never been more important.

Fluctuating food costs and the need to reduce wastage means that Food and Beverage Controllers need to ensure that every aspect of the purchasing cycle and the costing process is designed to maintain profitability.

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Key Dates

16 April 2019

Entry Requirements

This course is designed for all types of catering operations and provides the opportunity to review your purchasing cycle in depth as well as ensuring selling prices are correct and gross profit margins maximised.

Organisations Involved

The course is offered by the Institute of Hospitality and will be delivered by Debra Adams MIH. Debra has a background in the service sector and is a qualified accountant. She has been delivering courses in accounting, revenue management and related topics for over 25 years.

Debra formed her own company arena4finance in 2004 specialising in financial and commercial skills professional development for the hotel and restaurant sector.

Debra has been Head of Professional Development for the Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA) for the past 15 years developing courses in accounting topics and revenue management.

Session Details

Divided into 7 key topic areas the course will cover:

  • Best practice in purchasing and stock control
  • Menu planning, standard costing and gross profit management
  • Impact of sales mix and menu engineering
  • Wage and Salary scheduling control
  • KPIs for Food and Beverage control
  • Break even analysis for Food and Beverage outlets
  • Action plans for profit improvement

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