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How to make a profit from selling your local authority services

This event is ideal for all those within the public sector who are looking to offer services to private companies and the local community in order to generate profitable revenue and are seeking to improve the commercial skills in the workplace.

The course will enable business development colleagues to create business plans and effective pricing strategies to offer products and services to the local community.

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Course Details

As local authorities undertake increased commercial activity and invest in property in order to become self-sufficient, naturally they take on greater responsibility and subsequently more risk. If such schemes are to be successful, it is vital that the key personnel involved are equipped with the necessary skills. Local councils need the skillset not only to invest and manage wisely, but to grow these initiatives to make a surplus to reinvest in their services and maintain the quality of the user experience. As summarised by Sean Nolan, the Director of Local Government at CIPFA:

“Today council finance teams must possess the ability to undertake a range of roles, depending upon the context and demands of each situation. Whilst understanding all the associated risks, they must be fully instrumental in delivering growth.”

The Outcome

Attendees on this course will learn how to perform the following key commercial activites effectively:

- Costing activities, products and services accurately

- Developing standard costs

- Calculating overhead capture and cost allocation

- Sertting selling prices and producing quotations

- Calculating the breakeven point and planning for profit

- Use and interpret key performance indicators

- Post activity monitoring and variance analysis

Course Delivery

The sessions will be delivered by Debra Adams from arena4finance.

The course has been written by Debra, author of the highly acclaimed textbook 'Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry', and is delivered over the period of one day for local authorities across the UK. She is the Head Trainer for arena4finance and has been delivering courses for APSE for the past three years. She is a qualified accountant and has been developing and delivering finance courses for commercial organisations and charities for almost 30 years.

“Lovely trainer - Debra Adams gave time for candidates to talk and discuss different working practices, which will help when putting information learnt into practice.”

Other Information

This course will benefit those with responsibility for creating new revenue sources requiring them to create pricing policies, develop business plans and monitor results. In particular people in the following roles:

- Service Heads / Service Managers, Business Development Managers, Those tasked with developing, planning and monitoring new commercial services

What the delegates say:

“Great knowledge of the area backed up by experience”

'Nice and intimate and interestin

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