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Food Cost Control for the Public Sector (APSE)

This one day skills development event to all those within the public sector catering service who need to manage and control food and related costs.

This course will enable food service managers and supervisors to understand and manage the costs associated with their department or area.

The course will also consider the issues faced by catering providers in the challenging times for the service sector including managing the cost of food and the cost of labour.

Quote from a previous learner:

"Great knowledge of the area backed up by experience" Simon Cheyette, Lancaster City Council

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Course Details

This course is ideal for those who are looking to develop or refresh their financial skills including:

Food service managers and supervisors

Budget holders

Supervisors in catering with responsibility for costs

Catering staff new to finance

School catering managers

The Outcome

What will the course help you to do?

  • Understand how to purchase, receive and store food products with a cost effective approach
  • Compute the cost of food used
  • Compute the actual cost of a menu item compared to the planned cost
  • Develop labour standards and employee planning schedules
  • Analyse and evaluate labour usage
  • Analyse other expenses in terms of fixed, variable or mixed

Course Delivery

The sessions will be delivered by Debra Adams from arena4finance supported by Jan Kennedy from APSE.

Debra Adams

The course has been written by Debra Adams, author of the highly acclaimed textbook 'Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry', and is delivered over the course of one day for local authorities across the UK.

Debra Adams is the Head Trainer for arena4finance and has been delivering courses for APSE for the past three years. She has a background in Catering Management and is a qualified accountant. Debra has been delivering courses in food cost control and related topics for over 25 years.

Other Information

The course is ideal for those who are working in public sector catering outlets or the school meals service.

What the delegates say:

“Great knowledge of the area backed up by experience”

“Lovely trainer - Debra Adams gave time for candidates to talk and discuss different working practices, which will help when putting information learnt into practice.”

“Really enjoyed the whole course.”

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