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Food and Beverage Cost Control - Online

With the reopening of the hospitality sector over the coming months, it has never been more critical to manage operating costs, such as the cost of food and beverage as well as payroll and related costs to ensure the bounce back is profitable and sustainable. Fluctuating food costs and the need to reduce wastage means that Food and Beverage Controllers need to ensure that every aspect of the purchasing cycle and the costing process is designed to maintain profitability.

‘Cost Control for Food & Beverage Operations’ has been designed as an online course to help all those in catering businesses who need to manage food and beverage costs, from purchasing through to selling products. The seminar has been designed to help participants understand pricing methods and the control of gross profit as well as assisting with the effective execution of daily tasks such as ordering, storage and issuing stock. Since payroll costs tend to be a significant cost for many, the course will also cover wage and salary controls.

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Course Details

Divided into six key topic areas, the course will cover:

  • Best practice in purchasing and stock control
  • Menu planning, standard costing & gross profit management
  • Impact of sales mix and menu engineering
  • Wage & salary scheduling control
  • KPI’s for food & Beverage control
  • Action plans for profit improvement

The Outcome

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

• Understand best practice for ordering & purchasing and calculation of gross profit

• Manage cost of sales with better forecasting, correct pricing and less wastage

• Manage gross profit margin of promotional activity

• Forecast wage & salary cost

• Understand the basics of what figures mean

On completion delegates will have the opportunity to complete an online assessment to earn a Certificate of Achievement.

Course Delivery

Cost Control for F&B Operations’ is delivered over the course of four 90 minute online sessions on two half days by Debra Adams, an experienced facilitator from arena4finance. Taking a practical approach, the course is highly interactive with polls and quizzes and consists of a series of worked examples, case studies and discussions.

Other Information

The course is available on the following dates:

Session 1: 5th July from 9.00 - 12.00

Session 2: 7th July from 9.00 - 12.00

Total cost £195.00 + VAT @ 20% per person

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